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During the early days of our awakening and development, we found it very difficult to find genuine, heart based, authentic practitioners. Sure, healers were a dime a dozen, but exceptional healers, that was rare, even at healing centres.

So as result and given the need for such specialist healing services, it’s with much pleasure that we can help you find quality practitioners, especially given the complex impacts of the modern world. There’s a broad range of modalities and services offered below.

 Please note: we receive zero benefits, kickbacks and loyalties whatsoever. There are no endorsements, this is purely about assisting people connect to quality practitioners that they feel aligned to.

” wishing you the awareness of an enlightened life.”

Holly Wynn has dedicated her life’s work to learning the ins and outs of the human psyche, creating “The Mastery Method”, through her degrees in traditional psychology, certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, REBT Coaching, Law of Attraction Coaching and trainings with the Heart Math Institute, amongst many others. Her spiritual approach weaves methods from her certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher, Theta Healer, and Empowered Energetics Practitioner and Trainer to bring her clients to an empowered level of consciousness,with practical real-life application.

With this lifelong thirst to help others evolve into the best versions of themselves, Holly mentors clients as a Trauma Informed Care Practitioner, with behavior re-patterning through Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Coaching with Intuition Development and Spiritual Evolution.

She helps her clients dig deep into finding their authentic potential by defining the root origin of their thought patterns, emotional triggers, and behavioral cycles to discover emotional freedom. Holly currently lives her dream life with her husband, Danny and her 2 youngest children on land filled with animals, in Georgia. She is currently pursuing her certification in Yoga Psychology, developing Oracle Wisdom Cards, and writing her next book.

Holly’s passion has truly come alive through hosting live Empowerment Retreats over the last 5 years, authoring her first book, and pioneering an online community of conscious individuals, healers & coaches. Holly’s greatest vision is where all people can co-create the art of limitless life, thriving in truth and in service to the greater good.

Holly Wynn

Holly Wynn

Founder of The Mastery Method

President of Falco’s Friends Non-Profit Initiative 


AA Psychology & BS Psychology 

HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Self Regulation

Certified Life Coach, Empowered Energetics Instructor, Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, 

Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, 

Arcturian Light Healing Practitioner, Divinelight Healing Practitioner

Bronwyn Coles

Move, Balance, expand & Ground.



Bronwyn is an intuitive healer, energyworker, personal and business coach. She has worked with others for many years to facilitate expansion of awareness & alignment with their inner wisdom.

Her intent is to hold space for all those she works with to grow and flourish personally and professionally. She uses guided meditation, energywork and yoga to coach people to achieve clarity and take empowered action in alignment with their core values and desires.

Bronwyn Coles

 It’s all about The Ripple Effect!

Each one of us have the capacity to live our life from a place of absolute LOVE and in alignment with our authentic self. As each one of us honour our own divinity we are able to honour our life purpose and show the way for others.

The purpose of her work is to support you to honour yourself, unravel any limitations, assist you to connect with your authentic self and as a consequence, your life purpose.

By expanding awareness and raising personal vibration we are able to influence others in our extended circle to tap into those aspects within themselves…..this is ‘the ripple effect’ and it enables entrepreneurs and business owners to grow, stabilize and remain adaptable in their business. Bronwyn supports this energetic approach to life, leadership and growth with many years in leadership roles across multiple industries.

Bronwyn’s goal is to support as many people as possible to live a life of love and connection to their authentic self – Actioning The Ripple Effect!

Hi My Name is Talia,

I’m The Ancestral Mystic

Talia Nitschke is a Reiki Master Teacher, Beauty Therapist of 13 years and starseed that has always worked with energy and crystals from the age of 7.

Coming from a beauty background, Talia always understood and worked with energy but couldn’t quite explain why clients would feel so different after a treatment.

Her empathetic soul, love for singing, healing and influence from her Oma has lead her on a journey through life that had her wanting to give back to the world and help everyday people to have an understanding of energy and just how powerful relaxation is to release and let go.

The Ancestral Mystic

Specialising in understanding generational trauma, releasing that of which is no longer serving you, removing blockages and overall relaxation.

Four generations of card reading, and observing this ancient tool has made her an intuitive healer that trusts her intuition when healing, reading cards or using crystals during therapy.  

Mother of 2, Australian born and raised soon to be residing in Canada; Talia can offer in person healing or distant.

Ky Alecto-Mukari  founder of seedstar co

Wildcrafted Medicine for the Soul’

We want to inspire your senses and evoke the body’s wisdom.  Our offerings hold the wildness that reminds you that you are nature.

Alchemy, embodiment, connection, time, space and reverence are a few of the ingredients involved in the creative makings available at Seedstar Co. 

As an artisan micro business – all our soul medicine is handmade.  We blend wild harvested, organically homegrown, organically sourced and ethically sourced materials.  Our offerings are limited edition, seasonal and always harvested with respect and permission from the plants. Right relationship is a core value. We like to be intimately connected and inspired by our medicine making – it is an embodied sensory conversation with the elements, with place and with the individual eco systems we call ourselves.  Our approach to healing is relational, inclusive and expansive.

Offerings may take the form of hand rolled incense, images, Plant wisdom cards, body oils, tinctures, flower essences and various other inspirations.

We seek to work co-creatively to deepen the connection and teachings of these green ancestors that are constantly pouring their gifts into the world to reweave and remember the ways of our earth- based ancestors who understood right relationship.

What is available is constantly evolving and deepening so please connect and get on the mailing list if this is an area of interest for you.

Seedstar co

Ky is of Celtic and Yaralde (First Nations) ancestry and has decades of experience in living simply and learning from her local bio-regional ecology (learning first and foremost in the Old Ways of experiential, sensory, needs based wisdom). She has a long background in Arts and Healing modalities and lives a curious and highly creative life.

Lulani Moon

Lulani Moon was created by Carmen in 2012 in beautiful Adelaide and has now relocated to Melbourne, in Lower Templestowe.

Carmen has worked in the health and beauty industry for the past 19 years offering a holistic and down to earth approach to her practices. Sourcing local and ethical products is an integral part of the service that Carmen provides, where she listens to your needs without the use of chemicals and harsh ingredients.

A qualified Horticulturist with a passion for herbal wellness, Carmen weaves this knowledge throughout her services & offers workshops to explore connections to the plant world.

By harnessing a holistic approach to Earth Based Therapies, she aims to welcome each person as a unique individual with their own unique story, creating a space of comfort, relaxation and harmony.

Through the ancient wisdom of herbs, each treatment is carefully prepared to support your needs. Flower Essences & herbal incense may be offered to assist with inner tranquility, emotional balance & to connect you to the natural elements.

Lulani Moon


I love what I do with my whole heart…. & that is holding space for people to come to a place of deep rest.

It is in this space of stillness, that healing has an opportunity to weave its way to the parts of ourselves that need it the most, be it the physical or emotional aspects of self. 

I have come to know myself as a Ceremonial Beauty Therapist and an Earth Based Reiki Practitioner through an amalgamation of my learnings over the years.

A service that brings us closer to the natural elements through an animistic lense.

My path is to support others to hear the song that echoes within them.. to see the gifts that the land has to offer and that everyone of us has equal opportunity to be a light.. to build a relationship with the animals, the plants and the Spirit within and without.

With love and nature


Drift On Bliss Kangaroo Island’

Artisan Candles, Soap & African Baskets

Allison Davison & Greg Watkins

With a passion for organic living and a healthy lifestyle, we were inspired to create using the finest ingredients that would  ‘entice the spirit & soothe the soul’…. hand blended with love and care on our beautiful home Kangaroo Island….

‘Drift On Bliss’

Inspired by the 

simple pleasures

of nature & Island living…..

Artisan Soap & Candles 

all hand poured on Kangaroo Island 

to bring you peace, rejuvenate the spirit 

with a consciousness of

love for our planet….

Drift On Bliss

Inspired by the 

simple pleasures

of nature & Island living…..

Artisan Soap & Candles 

all hand poured on Kangaroo Island 

to bring you peace, rejuvenate the spirit 

with a consciousness of

love for our planet….

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