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Unable to reach one of venues? We have the perfect solution for you!

Our Knowledge Library Training Courses.

What’s the difference with Knowledge Only Training when compared to In Person Training?

Firstly, there is the price… but that that doesn’t mean you skimp on the training, you receive the identical course content as the in-person training. You simply aren’t paying for the attunements, and the hours of in person practical training and tuition. So as such, therefore the course is cheaper.

“Knowledge Only” training has been designed for teachers that want a comprehensive manual for their students. These teachers want an easy, informative guide that compliments their in-person training, for their students.

– This is for those individuals who have already had their attunements with another teacher, who may have fallen short of industry standards, and would like further learning to enhance their existing knowledge and skills.

– Ideal for international students that reside in countries.

– Those who have already had Reiki training with another teacher but would like to build or improve on their knowledge and skills.

– For those who are required to receive further training.

– Ideal for those curious about Reiki and those seeking self-improvement.

This course is ideal for International Students, as this course provides a rare opportunity for those seeking higher guidance, knowledge, skills, and awareness.

– For those wanting to bring their practice up to speed and meet the modern requirements.



Level One

Knowledge Library

Reiki Level One – Usui Shiki Ryoho

Your course will give you everything you need to know to conduct Reiki treatments for yourself, family, Friends Animals, and loved ones.


Level Two

Knowledge Library

Your course will take your Reiki abilites to whole new level. during the course you will learn symbols and mantras to give added potency and functionality to your reiki abilities. you learn about Distant healing and techniques for absent or distant healing. Everything you need to know to conduct Reiki treatments for yourself, family, Friends and loved ones. without being physically present.


Level Three

Knowledge Library

Your Reiki Level Three Course takes your abilities to the next level, where you are more likely to fully integrate Reiki into every aspect of your life. You have made a major commitment to uphold the Reiki values, pillars and ideals and to use Reiki extensively. Reiki Level Three deepens your ability to assist yourself and your clients, to reframe difficult events in their life as well as move on from deep trauma to find a position of balance, acceptance and peaceful harmony.

Self Guided


Tool Kit

This course is for women survivors of domestic violence and abuse, who struggle with their inner critic and behaviours formed during the abuse to achieve emotional and mental clarity and freedom by learning an emotional tool kit that has all they need.


Healing Course

This course is the combination and amalgamation of all our years of training experience and knowledge. we thought we would share them with you for the benefit of all.

The Spiritual Healing course is a thorough comprehensive healing modality course.

Ranging from the energy field, molecular consciousness, the aura, subtle anatomy, physical anatomy, the chakras, transpersonal chakras, stressors, consciousness, spiritual surgery, removing and repairing blockages, template repair, lines of energy, the elements, nadis, the meridians and more, just to name a few.

This course involves home learning, course competency questionnaires, Theory components, to learn techniques, hone abilities and develop experience.

Self Guided

Chakra Course

We’ve designed the Chakra development course as a self-guided, work at your own pace to understanding your energy field, and how we interact with the would utilising the seven traditional chakra systems, your subtle body anatomy, and the layers of your auric field. 

A journey of discovery of how we respond to events, emotions, interactions, our thoughts, and feelings that influence our thinking impeding our view of the worldwe will embark on a journey from the outer layers of your auric field, down through the layers of your aura, through the organs systems and organs, they govern, right down into the cells.

How to Comply

with the

National Codes

of Conduct

are you unaware that codes of conduct exist, confused or having trouble understanding the codes and how they relate to modern day practices? we have taken all the guess work and stress out of it for you with this easy to follow comprehensive course.






We’ve designed the Ultimate Energy Consciousness Vault as the ultimate place to find genuine and valuable information about energy consciousness without the overwhelm and confusion of searching the web and online platforms yourself.

The Vault is a self-guided, work at your own pace course, that walks you through the process towards understanding your own energy field, chakras, the aura and subtle bodies, meridians, keeping your energy clear, sacred space, how to bring your chakras back into balance with various techniques, maintaining your energy and putting it all together.

The missing links in Energy Management….

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