Reiki Level Two – 4 Payments of $135.00 / Month

Reiki Level Two – 4 Payments of $135.00 / Month


Reiki Level Two – 4 Payments of $135.00 / Month

Your Reiki Level Two Course allows for a much greater flow and intensity of energy. The energy is much stronger, more refined and allows for deeper work on the emotional and mental causes of illness and dis-ease etc. The passing of symbols which will greatly enhance the power and ability of the energy you channel. Learn to channel absent healing energy to be able to assist those abroad. Practitioners often find themselves more aligned with their higher self and other ascended healing masters.

Instructions for self-treatment and the treatment of others;

Opportunity for practice in self-treatment, and in giving and receiving Reiki treatment with others.

Information on Chakras, the Subtle Bodies, Reiki Guidelines, Reiki Hygiene, Reiki Obligations including, Handouts, Charts, Visual Presentations, Competency Questionnaires and more.

Thorough and step by step techniques to enable full confidence to deliver exceptional high quality expert reiki treatments regardless of the severity and circumstances, anywhere in the world.

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