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The Spiritual Healing course as a thorough comprehensive healing modality course.

This course involves home learning, course competency questionnaires, Theory components, to learn techniques, hone abilities and develop experience.

Avilable in both In-person Training, and  Knowledge Only courses. The main difference in pricing being additional tuition and training hours involved with in person courses.

This is quite an undertaking and thorough course and is a practitioner level training courses so some self-development and healing experience would be a prerequisite.

Currently in development, this course is 2000 pages in length, with charts, photos, handouts, and visual presentations.

This course is the combination and amalgamation of all our years of training experience and knowledge. we thought we would share them with you for the benefit of all.

Ranging from the energy field, molecular consciousness, the aura, subtle anatomy, physical anatomy, the chakras, transpersonal chakras, stressors, consciousness, spiritual surgery, removing and repairing blockages, template repair, lines of energy, the elements, nadis, the meridians and more, just to name a few.

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